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So, I finally got the 4096 sq.m. parcel I was talking about the other day, yay! I’m also surprised it fits a lot of things in pretty well. For instance, right now it’s holding most of what I had in the 6144 sq.m., except for a few trees I was using as fillers anyway, so I left them out this time. I was afraid placing a mid-size building in there would make the land look cramped, but it wasn’t the case. That alone makes the transition worth the wait.

Northwest 01

While I was working on the new plot, there were some new releases I sure wanted to have ASAP. The first one was this new set of Beech trees from Forest Floor. Here they are shown in early Spring mode, but they come in three different leaf and bark textures for each season, as well as in sparse (the ones in the pic) and lush flavors. Season textures are controlled either by a HUD or by clicking the branches and trunk (the classic way) –both kits are included in the pack. The HUD is perfect when you want to set all the trees at once, but if you need a mixture of hues, maybe you can arrange the “dominating”  season with the HUD first, and then rezz classics for the extra tones (just an example).

Northwest 02

Just when I was about to finish landscaping (and it was a simple job because it was the third time in a week I had to work the land, so I was quite tired), 3D Trees released these wonderful mossy Oak tree with ivy. For a mere 6-prim object, this beauty is so full of detail that you fall in love with it at first sight. Whether you need to create a forest or even an eerie kind of grove, this may be the right tree for you.

Northwest 03

As a waterfront parcel located in a corner, there is probably more water than land to play with. Adding a couple of off-sim elements visually expands your limits significantly. So I added this brown cliff from 2nd Magic on one side and…

Northwest 04

…this low reef by Real Waves on the other. Actually, I was going to use some offsim mountains and woodsy outcrops, but went for these… for a change.

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