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Water lilies and a beach

Out of Botanical today, we got this wonderful set of Waterlily clusters. As is usual for Kriss Lehmann’s products, these beautiful water plants are richly textured and full of detail. Each mesh cluster is just 1 prim (that’s all, believe it or not; go see for yourself), and between 1 and 2 land impact only. They come in blue, yellow, white and pink flowers. Can’t get better than this… except if adding a few water droplets, but they are amazing anyway. To buy or enjoy these waterlilies inworld, visit Botanical {slurl}.


And right after I finished working on the Japanese and Western-harmonized Style house, Studio Skye released the Driftwood Beach Den  interactive scene. Because I had already taken the pictures for the blog, the small mesh islet of white sands didn’t show up in the post. But here it is. Since my sim’s ground texture is all green and woodsy, a coastal beachy corner never looked the part. Thanks to this 14-prim scenery, I –a natural-born seatizen– can have my small tropical spot without the hassle of an all-sand seamless sim.  To visit the Driftwood Beach Den inworld, follow this {slurl}.

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