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Trompe Loeil's Treehouse


A thousand times. That’s the number of times you’ve seen Trompe Loeil‘s Treehouse Cottage since its release at Collabor88 a couple of weeks ago. But did you know that with a few modifications it turns into a nice beach house? I was afraid the fierce coastal winds would blow the upper level away, so I shrank it quite a bit to avoid disaster.

trompe loeil's Treehouse

The structure also went down from 100 LI to 41 LI and still has plenty of interior space to decorate. I haven’t done that yet, giving extra time to decide if I’m keeping this beach or head back to the swamp. I’m really liking this pre-Summer escape, though, thanks to the way the green mix with the sand (it’s a less boring ground texture that way).

Palm Shack

All other mesh elements –palms, rocks, papaya tree, lifeguard tower, and beach shower– are from Tiki Tattoo. The list also includes this pretty palm shack, but excludes Real Waves‘ reef (that one, you have seen before).

From the door way.

And now, to wait for Summer to arrive…

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