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Good will

I’ve never understood what I think are “extreme” parcel-based security measures in SL. Sometimes, they are really needed (to keep griefers at bay, for instance), but most of the time people recur to them unnecessarily. I even think that occasionally they are employed as a method for harassment in the order of passive-aggressiveness. The most common of this example are disallowing public access to your plot –the classic banlines– to purposely block someone else’s passage, and security orbs that send intruders back home without warning.

When flying or sailing around the grid, both of these measures are a disgusting hassle. As they infringe on your free will to perform or accomplish a desired end, they should be reason enough to deserve an illustrated abuse report. But of course, grumpy or antisocial residents are not to blame: it’s the fault of LL, for failing to properly define or design certain conditions to prevent these situations from happening. (Really? Is it?) Then you can’t blame the next neighbor for placing out an equally unpleasant sign as a response to the aggression. Something like this…

Good Will

Now, I guess this warning sign is a token of good will, isn’t it?

P.S. By the way, I saw no ban lines up in any of the parcels immediate to this billboard. Maybe the pestering neighbor(s) got the message (or stopped nagging the airport), but the owner(s) of the sign didn’t reciprocate the action and thanked him/her by tearing that thing down.