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The Arcade, autumn edition

If you haven’t heard the news –and I doubt it– the autumn (September) edition of the quarterly Arcade gacha event is just around the corner, and as usual it’s packed with nice goodies only a bunch of lucky resellers… I mean players, will be able to enjoy. Good luck to those attempting the feat of enduring the unavoidable denial of entry attacks and the abominable lag during the first couple of weeks: it’ll probably be easier to get an ultra rare prize than to enter the sim. Me, as all other losers, will wait until the excess of duplicates and triplicates and quadruplicates, etc., hit the yard sale grounds (most likely a few hours after opening) before going out to look for the spoils of the initial frenzy phase.

Since I don’t get review copies from any participating store –because I’m a self-confessed terrible blogger and will probably have my first chance at blogging something a month after the event is over– the best I can do is to redirect you to the Arcade’s official shopping guide, a website I urge you to visit before knocking on the event’s door. That’s not a bad practice at all since it could well save you a lot of time, both in the Arcade and in yard sales.

Remember: if you play the gacha machines, you’ll be supporting the creators directly, which is a good deed to do. They really work hard to offer you so much eye candy. If instead you opt for the yard sales, well… somebody else paid them already anyway.

In the picture: not a single thing to do with the new round of the Arcade, sorry. Only adding to decorate the post, that’s it.