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Just thinking about SL events

From being a Mainland hater for six long years, in the summer of 2013, I suddenly became a fan of the Nautilus-Satory dyad after starting a “side project” in SL’s amateur sailing. It was something that never occur to me I could do –until then–, yet I’ve already forgotten how it caught my attention, as if it were something I learned years and years ago. Unattractive as it is if you live in a region of limited contiguous sims (unbearable if it’s just one of them), it becomes a delight once you skip the vast coasts of the not beloved mainland continents, regardless of the infuriating sim crossings and the more than expected classic and equally unsurpassable lag fests. Nothing comes close to mainland, period (the hell!).

I think it’s the same with SL events: they’re a lot better if they are organized in regions with neighboring sims. In case it’s not possible to enter the official spot, at least you can temporarily squat the one that sits next to it, cam around, and from a distance do the shopping in absentia (sort of), and not wait until the hordes of people trying to do the same (and succeeding when you don’t) give you a chance. It’s not their fault of course, but you blame (and curse) the “fuckers” anyway–though it’s you who’s actually bitching.

Frequently popular SL events take place in standalone sims, for which their planners (or their supporters) have to pay a monthly fee. I don’t know if they get any discount from the Lab, but if they don’t –as I fear– it’s US$295 a month for a full region (or US$125 for a homestead if whoever is behind the feast is not interested in offering the best service you customers deserve). For a full mainland sim, though, it’s US$100 less, and you even get eight unoccupied or mostly abandoned sims in the surrounding area for the benefit of visitors’ cam-shopping spree. Add to it a few gachas, and they’ll probably even love you and come back to the surest “money sink” in neverland whenever you set it up.

Events in standalone sims are a curse, anyway. They’re cramped as hell for the first week, and then go empty for the rest of the scheduled time. But if you decide to try mainland, you may even help to revitalize a neighborhood of already forgotten or wasted terra incognita eager to sprout again.