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Sorry Gabriel

My avie changes outfits like once or twice a year (yep, that’s true), so with such low fashion requirements to satisfy you can guess I’m mostly out of date when it comes to knowing where to go and when, when it happens I decide I need a change. Fashion blogs help a lot, but when I finally find something appealing to me it’s usually no longer available… or so it seems. I hate that, really.

Today was one of those rare instances when I realize a change was in order. Browsing some blogs, I quickly came across a pair of strap pants from a store named Gabriel, which look pretty cool and apparently were available in a fashion event called Monsieur Chic, of which I’ve never heard of, of course. I teleported there, and thankfully one of the first booths turned out to be Gabriel’s. Lucky me!

The pants were still on display, and they indeed looked nice (I got a demo to try them out), but what I really liked was a stripped flower jacket from the same store I fell in love with immediately. Due to my ignorance of sale schedules, these products are limited editions, and all the jackets sold before I even knew about them. Introduce a huge “sigh” here.

Another sigh… Something tells me I’m keeping this year-old outfit a little longer…