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This is a personal blog, nothing fancy, nothing pretentious, but what time allows me to do and document occasionally. It is a place where I collect anecdotes of my doings in Second Life®, what I like, sometimes even what I don’t like, what I think about a certain topic, what I see while wandering the world, either what I put together, or what others take the chance to come up with.

For those of you who have been wondering, this isn’t a fashion blog. In the past, I included fashion notes sometimes, but those were clothes I spent weeks or even months wearing, not apparel that SL designers created and wanted to advertise. That’s a job a lot of other people enjoy and do very well. I’m neither good at it, nor do enjoy it, so I stopped doing that a long time ago.

As is obvious, this is mostly a blog about home and garden stuff (and prominently the latter) in the virtual world of Second Life exclusively. I have to work 8-12 hours a day to keep my real life self, dominions and dependencies, environment and quality of life in a general state of well-being, as life itself permits. I’m also an avid information consumer and a dedicated computer gamer, so I wish but don’t really have much time to allot to other virtual attractions. Also, be aware of one thing: I know nothing or claim to know anything about landscaping/garden design or home/interior decoration whatsoever (the same applies to fashion), in real life or in Second Life. I just arrange things here and there until they look good to me.

Some time ago I introduced myself to the world of SL sailing. As a result, I’ve been enjoying –a lot– all kinds of events, big and small, this significantly large and active community offers to anyone wanting to join in the fun. Because of that, recent posts reflect a distinctive tilt in that direction.

In a sense, I keep this blog to credit those that stand out as original content creators in Second Life. In no way it shall be understood or inferred that by including their products in any of my posts I am advertising, promoting or endorsing them in any specific way. I simply like what they do, and that’s all.

I don’t maintain this blog for reviewing content –that’s actually an incidental side effect–, but to express my opinion, and mine alone, on SL community related issues, and to keep a record of what I do in SL in general. It is some kind of publicly accessible scrapbook at best. I publish my craziness in the event someone else may find the information of any value.

Ninety-nine percent of the time I buy the stuff I blog about and base my views on personal taste. If it occurs one of these days that I receive something for free for the purpose of sharing, I may include the item in a post  –but won’t be obliged to– only if I genuinely like and find some actual use for it. Most likely I won’t dedicate a blog entry solely to that particular product, but might incorporate it as part of a regular setting. If that happens, I will give its corresponding credit as I do with everything else. Other than that, this blog does not receive any compensation and is not sponsored by any store or company in or outside of Second Life, of any kind or in any way.

The Links page contains a list of blogs I take pleasure in reading, from authors whose work I admire or deem amusing. What they decide to publish on their sites is their sole responsibility (any time and anywhere), not mine. The same is valid for comments readers leave on this blog; they are responsible for their expressions, not I.

A special note. There are currently three main methods for building objects in Second Life: the old way, based on “primitives” (prims), the “bizarre way”, using sculpts, and the new way, employing mesh technology. The latter is the new standard in SL, and mesh only objects is what I’m focusing on… mainly. I may state the building blocks of objects if necessary, but I don’t see the point in warning if an item is mesh or not anymore. If you’re still using a viewer that can’t render mesh, now is the time for an upgrade because you’re missing a whole lot more than you can see.

Again, the attic is a personal project that has been opened to the general public since I started it back in December 2008. It is just a repository of thoughts from the avatar known in Second Life as Xeriko Melnik. The blog has experienced several transformations, mostly due to the different CMS I have experimented with over the years. Some of the old content has been lost during those transitions, along with some valuable comments my few visitors have kindly shared with me and other fellow readers. I’m really sorry for that.

Lastly, my opinions in any matter, field or topic may change over time, so have that in mind when reading old posts. And, by the way, thank you for your visit.

Second Life® (often abbreviated as SL in this blog), SL®, SLurl™ and Linden Lab® (often abbreviated as LL in this blog) are trademarks or registered trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. This blog, xeriko’s attic, is not affiliated with or sponsored by Linden Research. No infringement is intended.