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Golden Shower

Golden shower

For its common name, this must be the perfect tree for the Gorean and their relatives: the Golden Shower, but it isn’t exactly so. The Cassia fistula, as it is scientifically known (or caña fístola, as it is called where I grew up), is really a beautiful RL tree, that produces cascading  racemes of very intense yellow flowers, sometimes with a creamy tinge. Its fruit is a long tubular pod that contains the seeds arranged in a single row and cushioned by a somewhat stinky pulp. Most parts of the tree (leaves, flowers, bark, pulp and seeds) have some medical uses to treat a variety of human maladies such as the flu, measles, cough and other respiratory conditions, chicken pox, constipation, gallstones, skin and kidney diseases, bumps and bruises, insect stings, and some people even claim tumors and the dreadful cancer. Sounds like a miracle plant, isn’t it? Now, 3D Trees brings this magnificent tree to your SL garden.

Cassia fistula


Frog-size panda on a pond


Getting ready for the coming spring, I cut SL winter pretty short and went to work on a more common setting in my backyard, when there came along Cube Republic with some nice releases early birdies should get their hands on right away. To at least maintain the yearly rhythm, let’s start with the whitish Trillium pictured above. This three-petal perennial begins to bloom in late winter, during the month of February, and depending on the “cultivar” (if we can speak of such things in SL gardening) continue to do so throughout spring. So it was a logical choice to distribute them not so sparingly among the fallen branches.


Next came the Bloodroot, another whitish flower that heralds the arrival of spring. This one is so shy that the plant will go underground when the season is over and will remain dormant until the following year.


Orchids are among the favorite flowers of many a bunch of gardeners, and though I think in the tropics there are species blooming at different times of the year, I think most, like many other plants, prefer spring to bloom. Actually, Cube released this one in December, and I was going to place a few branches full of them in a greenhouse, but because I was moving –yep, once again– I opted to wait and use them in the new parcel after melting the snow down.


What actually set me in the writing mood was this beautiful frogbit rendition, as I’m particularly fond of aquatic, or I should say “pondish” plants. The frogbit resemble a miniature water lily with more simple flowers that will also bloom mostly in the summer, so this is just a preview for you my dear readers, and as soon as I finish this they will revert to leaves, leaving the frog-size panda rowing silently on the pond until the right time comes.


Finally, here is a gorgeous flag iris, another plant suitable for wetland lovers. Like other aquatic plants (including the frogbit above), this one also prefers to bloom during the summer months.

All plants in this post are available at Cube Republic’s inworld store, so head there now and have some early gardening fun.


Nomad no more

I think I’ve finally found a cozy little corner in Mainland. I had to keep looking, almost everyday, for months, till I found this plot last weekend… by accident. You know that the SL map only updates once per day, so any changes taking place after 7:30 a.m. SLT (more or less) won’t show up until next morrow. That makes the SL map an unreliable tool to find parcels for sale. Yet it kind of became a hobby for me for the last ten months (yep, ten months).

So last Sunday, after buying Botanical’s new umbrella tree –that I’ll show you in a short while– I TPed to my beachy plot (the one with Llorisen’s cabana) to see if the tree could fit in the current mood. To tell you the truth, I didn’t like the way the poor thing looked in that dry and sandy land, so fearing it might die of dehydration if I planted it there, I opened up the map to check if by chance there was a small and greener inland plot for sale that I could use for occasional gardening tests like this. Several minutes in the search, I saw a 512 sq.m. plot somewhere in the northern lands with a tempting price. I TPed there… just to find it wasn’t as attractive as it seemed from a 2D preview, but then, next to it and just waiting for me, lay this glamorous slopy lot that was simply perfect for my new assignment.

Umbrella tree

I didn’t give it a second thought (well, I did, but don’t tell anyone) and clicked on Buy Land. Then I said to myself: “Let’s get down to work.” So after a couple of long laborious days, I can now properly present to you Botanical’s new Umbrella tree. Due to the nature of this RL tree, I never thought someone could upload a sterling digital counterpart to SL, but I’m super glad Kriss Lehmann proved me wrong, woot! This schefflera is a tropical native from Oceania, but it took a trip sometime ago and now is found in so many places that I would have never guessed its origin if I didn’t look it up in Wikipedia.

The house is Scarlet Creative’s Mountain Lodge from last March’s Arcade, and the Maritime pine tree (in the background) is also a relatively recent release from 3D Trees I haven’t had the chance to use before. The same goes for the Beech forest groves in the first picture.

Mountain Lodge from behind

Here is another shot of the Mountain Lodge, as seeing from the nonexistent backyard (there’s a hillside in its stead). The previous plot owner was also using this house, and I thought it looked perfect, so that’s why I went for it too. To the left of the house, there’s another 3D Trees release: an Apple tree.

Apple Tree

And you know what? That apple tree is available for free! It’s a gift from Nadine Reverie. I don’t think any other gardener is so kind to his and her customers as Ms. Reverie: jste nejlepší (I hope that means “you’re the best” in Czech). So head to her inworld store, get this fruitful tree and don’t forget to send her your most sincere thank you.


As is obvious, the house sits on a rocky promontory made of Fanatik’s Rocks & Cliffs Wales set, with a twist: the basic textures are good enough, but I thought that Studio Skye texture looked simply superb. That’s why I added that small waterfall (from Studio Skye’s Waterfall building set) too.

Happy bushes

At the base of the cliffs, a small grove of Happy Mood’s yellow-green Shrubs add their shades to the mossy rock. The Dirt Road that leads the way to the house (review the first picture in this post) is another release from this creator.

Ox Eye Daisies

The last veggie release in this installment is the Ox Eye Daisy set from Heart Garden Centre. Large bushes are a little bit “primy” at 5 LI per clump, but hell they look so great! Just use with caution if your land capacity is not that generous.


Lastly, I couldn’t resist using Atelier Visconti’s Adria gazebo in the garden area, next to the waterfall. Considering that I was already running out of prims, the only decoration I could add were lame’s Kenway Sectional set, Culprit’s Seagrass rug, and Floorplan’s Captain’s desk lantern. 


With a few more prims I could have put out more stuff, but well… At least now I can take a rest from nomad life, at last!