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Landscaping items for parcel and sim decoration

Here is das haus

…if that means “the house” in German, that is. But well, not that it matters that much. Just a few weeks ago (don’t know, maybe a couple) I sold my last swampy area in Caledon Cay and, as a result, had to move all the nice stuff I had there to my remaining property at the other end of the land bridge (well, you don’t know that story because I forgot to tell you about it, but anyway, it doesn’t matter anymore; just keep reading). That included, of course, taking down some of the also nice stuff I had in that other plot and some terraforming. When completed, I ended up with a minuscule stone cottage for a living room, and a large and refreshing forested area.

The interior decoration is pretty cozy (meaning “fuck, I barely fit in!”), in contrast to the hard look of the exterior walls. Actually, this building used to be a lighthouse prior to the changes, and that fact partially explains why it is so small, when you think of the previous houses I used to live in. But I’m absolutely happy with the mutation, believe me. I was rarely IN the house anyway, since I spend most of my time in the garden or rambling around.

From my point of view, the good “stuff” starts when you exit through that back door you see in the pic above. It leads to the backyard (let’s call it that way).

I still carry that small sail boat wherever I go (row, row, row ya boat…), and is very convenient to have it now that the parcel is split in two by a narrow, but deep canal.

But anyway, I don’t know why I say that, because, regretfully, that beauty is not functional (meaning it will sink if you try to sail it, believe me). Because of that, I built a stone bridge so people could safely cross from one side to the other.

Well, here’s a picture of the bridge… sort of. But you get the idea. I also wanted to show you the small elven gazebo  guarding the channel entrace. The only “soldier” stationed in there is my faithful blue heron. As long as there’s a constant supply of fresh fish (oh, dear fishies), it does the job quite right.

At the other side of the canal lies the garden proper, with a couple of paths  to wander about and take a deep breath of fresh air. Beware of your sinus, though, since at this time of year there’s a lot of pollen flying like mad.

More pictures, or larger size versions of these, and some other “secrets” can be viewed in my Koinup account. I think there’s also a surl somewhere out there as well.

Thorny Manor

New year, new home

Happy New Year everyone! It’s 2009 already, a year of change, a year of new challenges, a year of new crisis surely, but a new year nonetheless. And I’ve decided to begin the New Year in Caledon Cay with a new home. Can I do like normal people, and stay living in the same place for a change? No, I can’t. I enjoy moving, putting up new things together, and changing everything around. Go live with it; I do… and I can, and so should you. I also have a very good reason: a splendid house by none other than Ms. Star Fairymeadow. It is a beautiful Gothic mini-castle (well it looks like one) that goes by the name of Thornfield Manor.

I have to confess: I used to love the Spooky house (another of Ms. Fairymeadow designs), but this one wins by far. Aww, don’t be that cruel. I still love the Spooky a lot, but yes, this one is also special. It has a something something, too hard to define, but easy to pick out. This is one of those buildings that simply stand out.

Access to the house is by way of a stony stairway (not pictured) reminiscent of the drawbridges of yore… Nah, I’m hallucinating, but it does gives the impression of a hard to reach mound. Once you go up the stairs, you come across the entrance: a heavy wood and stone arch that leads to the main hall. The lamp you see across the door comes with the house, but the one you see outside does not. Yet, there is a pair of charming lanterns at the foot of the stairs to light the way.

I turn that first space into a “romantic” living room (using my favorite set and carpet, so that’s why it looks as cozy as my previous home, the Cay Cottage you already met).

I wanted a lot of “air” this time, so I didn’t fill the place with a lot of furniture, just the essential, but of course, I couldn’t live without the sound of running water (despite the fact that I live right next to the sea), as well as some more green. There’s also an empty jar, but hell I do like that too.

The upper floor is just as charming as the one below, making use of the same wallpaper and Gothic windows as the rest of the house. In here, I placed the bedroom, and coupled it with a desk, for those days I need to take some administrative tasks or some reading. I couldn’t part with my rocking horse, so I brought it to the second floor. Rocking in front of that nice window overlooking Cafall is “enchanting”.

This is another view of the same room, this time pictured from the desk, where you can see the bed, and to the left a reclining chair to get comfy after some hard work. The black dot on the right is me, not a mannequin.

The Thornfield Manor is a two story building, but it also comes with an extra surprise: underneath that rocky foundation, you’ll find another solid door that leads to what, in the stoned tradition (oh sh_t!, sorry… I mean stone masonry tradition), we should call a dungeon, but in the absent of a dominatrix I’ll call it a classy cellar.

Other people could use it as a laboratory (for legal purposes, ok), a nightclub (wait, wait, wait, that’s too much), or even a secluded place of worship. But in opening the door you can see that I’m currently using it to cultivate some delicious mushrooms and other non-edible plants that will otherwise freeze outside during this cold northern winter.

The Thornfield Manor can be purchase at any Wretched Dollies store (main store at Winterfell Absynthe). Follow the link to get a fast line to it (slurl).