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Landscaping items for parcel and sim decoration

Cabin on the rocks, and why the Tembo-dai gazebo stole the show

Well, this post’s title has nothing to do with some alcoholic beverage or anything in particular. As it will become obvious shortly, it’s plainly about a cabin set next to some rocky cliffs at the edge of Nowhere –that’s the name of my plot, as regular readers already know. The main character in this installment is POST’s Gunflint Cabin. This little wood cottage resembles the Gnesen Farm Shed released last summer and shown hundreds of times everywhere (including this blog), but while the shed, by design, is limited in interior space (it’s not  a house, though it looks like one), the cabin has extra room to spare if you’re OK with a 10′ x 8′ one-room, rectangular structure, with the only luxury of a stone fireplace to warm your bones on those chilling nights, and several sash windows that you can actually open or close at will during fair weather. In its original state, it’s only 42 LI, but if you resize it (as I did to fit my self) that number will change accordingly (mine is at 37, right now after a minor shrinking).


There are six versions of the house in the package: one all natural color, another one with red door+frame and windows+frame, and a third one with red door and windows, each of which has a copy switching the back window position, either closer or away from the fireplace. Though there’s no other modification you can do to the structure, there’s still the option of “painting” the walls, floor or even roof to any color you wish. So, for that I say go with the plain one. That’s what I did to change the color of both door and window frames only. That’s pretty cool, you won’t mess anything else.


And now with this other picture… There’s a little “story” to this one. As it looks right now, this Tembo-dai Japanese garden gazebo from Virtual Nature is literally stealing the place that was originally reserved for one of two similar style items at The Garden event. I opted for this one for several reasons. I really wanted to use Vespertine’s Garden Gazebo because it fits perfectly on that spot (because of its design and color). I was a little bit worried of its 50 land impact value (too high for a relatively simple gazebo, imho), but I bought it anyway. After rezzing it in the woodsy area, though, it turned out be quite small even for me, a below-average-height male avie. My neighbor won’t fit in, I bet (he’s a minotaur sometimes). The most discouraging thing is it isn’t modifiable, so you can’t stretch it to larger proportions. I love Vespertine, don’t get me wrong, but making this particular product no-mod is not helping the review.

Then I went for RageWorks’ Rustic Gazebo. This one is larger than Vespertine’s at only half its LI. That one is lovely, I tell you, but it didn’t pair too well with a rustic dwelling such as POST’s Gunflint Cabin. I promise I’ll use it for something else for sure.

So that’s the story of why the Tembo-dai gazebo stole the show.


{ Items } Nature: 3D Trees, Magnolia; Wild Spring Tree (group gift from February); Elderberry (green); Triple Beech. XED Design, Garden Crocus (various colors). Studio Skye, Rocky cliffs; Gnarled cherry.  ||  Other items: Studio Skye, parts from the following building sets: Rocky outcrop, Rustic fence, River bank (rocks), Enchanted path, Board walk. We’re closed,  Pond deck (slightly modified). fri.home, Garden lantern (at The Garden).

Minuscule Spring

Every year –it seems– I tend to skip a season in my landscaping duties, but it has never been Spring… until now. I can’t help it though. All I managed to complete was about a quarter of the parcel, and since it’s getting late for the sakura to bloom (the Japanese cherry blossom front could be reaching Hokkaido before I have enough time to finish my planting), I decided to head for the Summer instead. New in the scene: Happy Mood‘s Sweet Grass #06 (available in various colors).

Trompe Loeil's Treehouse


A thousand times. That’s the number of times you’ve seen Trompe Loeil‘s Treehouse Cottage since its release at Collabor88 a couple of weeks ago. But did you know that with a few modifications it turns into a nice beach house? I was afraid the fierce coastal winds would blow the upper level away, so I shrank it quite a bit to avoid disaster.

trompe loeil's Treehouse

The structure also went down from 100 LI to 41 LI and still has plenty of interior space to decorate. I haven’t done that yet, giving extra time to decide if I’m keeping this beach or head back to the swamp. I’m really liking this pre-Summer escape, though, thanks to the way the green mix with the sand (it’s a less boring ground texture that way).

Palm Shack

All other mesh elements –palms, rocks, papaya tree, lifeguard tower, and beach shower– are from Tiki Tattoo. The list also includes this pretty palm shack, but excludes Real Waves‘ reef (that one, you have seen before).

From the door way.

And now, to wait for Summer to arrive…