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Landscaping items for parcel and sim decoration

The woodland

Spacious: The woodland

First it was the islet. Then, it was the swamp and the marsh. Today it is the woodland. I think it’s been quite a long time since I last built a plot as diverse as this one. It might have been two years ago or so because that was the last time I owned so much land. Back then it was 12k sq.m. in a full sim, which translates to a lot more in terms of land capacity: 2811 vs 957. Oh, the glory days! If interested, check posts Next to Nowhere, Backyard, One third, and AAPPAA Style,  from January to May 2011, depicting what was then a longish plot divided into three different sections. I really enjoyed it this time, especially when the three zones integrate more naturally as well.

As I said in the first installment, it took me almost two weeks to finish as a whole, but it was worth the effort, methinks. For this last section, I thought about a light coniferous forest, with a small stream running through the tall trees and a comfy little cabin somewhere along the riverbank. I already had all the required elements waiting in my inventory, so I only needed a chance like this to complete the project.

The woodand

I have had these coniferous beauties for some time now, and only a few of them has shown up in posts before. I also wanted to use Mudhoney’s ultra-low prim cottage (shown in the pictures below) since its release last November, but didn’t had the proper landscape to set it in. Now I think this woodland setting, the fourth and last area in the parcel, suits it pretty well.

{ Items } Nature: 3D Trees, Coniferous forest – spruce; Coniferous forest II; Fern dark; Rocks & Common heather (from Natural Rockery); Blackberry bramble; Forest fern spleenwort, plant, fern carpet & roots (from Forest accessories 2); Jungle fallen ivy & branch (from Jungle valley pack). Organica, River erosion, Rock walls & stepping stones. Happy Mood, Sweet garden grass. || Architecture: Mudhoney, Holiday cabin. || Furniture: Sway’s, Asian relaxation set.

As the red shed, the cabin is a one-room structure that may have welcomed some rustic furniture, being in the countryside as it is. But well, I don’t have those right now, so I’m using the following items in their stead.

{ Items } Nature: XED Ddesign, Rubber plant (sounds like Robert Plant, isn’t it?). Terrashop, Small white poinsettia. || Furniture: Cheeky Pea, OmNom chair, Georgie bed. PILOT, Larkin set – Display case. DIGS, Arthur pictures – scattered. ililo, Ind. lamp (in red). Zigana, Lazy Sunday chair (manly man & buttercup). lame, Sarah’s loveseat.

Once again, check previous posts (Nowhere and The wetlands) for store slurls that may not be included in this one. This is a series, so there must be something integrating all of them (winks). And that’s all, folks.

The wetlands

Spacious: The Wetlands

The Wetlands

Yesterday I posted about Nowhere’s living quarters, that is the islet  with the red shed and the banyan tree. Today, I’ll show you two adjacent sections that together represent the wetlands. The first one is a swamp located to the southern side of the islet. This area is dominated by a “grove” of swamp cypress trees (of which I blogged a few days ago). It has also grown some shrubs around a central mini-hammock to make it a little bit more dense and less monotonous. I was going to use this area as a camping ground, but I gave up the idea fearing mosquitoes might try to kidnap me. On the other hand, frogs and bugs are liking it, so I think it’s better this way. This shrubbery is actually a prim reservoir: in case I need to free resources to add some extra element to the surroundings, I can trim a shrub or two and still have a woodsy swamp up. At the same time it’s a decent, though vulnerable, psychological deterrent: “Tempted to make more changes? Impossible because I already used the reserves.” I know it won’t work –lol–,  I’m just conducting an experiment.

As the swamp gives way to a clearing, the next zone becomes a marsh. It is the biggest of the two regions and covers most of the central portion of the parcel, to the east of the islet. This area is mostly covered with cattails and other more or less aquatic plants, such as several varieties of water lilies (it seems every garden center in SL has a different one) and grasses.

Water lilies and cattails

While 937 is a nice parcel land capacity number for a 4096 sq.m. lot –even when I’m prone to run out of prims in a flash– it’s somewhat tricky in a homestead. Because it is a low density sim (fewer prims per sq.m.), you have to distribute things carefully, as to not let empty gaps ruin the view. But of course, it’s an easy to remedy situation: you dig a low basin and fill it with water, lol. So that’s how the marshland came to be. A pond or a small lake would have been a great addition too, depending on how much land you would want to keep dry for terrestrial objects or man-made structures.

[ Items in the pictures ] Nature: Happy Mood, Fallen tree with colored leaves. 3D Trees, Weeping willow; Forest plant, grass & branch (from Forest accessories 2); Swamp cypress, roots & mossy ground (from Swamp cypress pack); Marsh plant; Jungle plant, tree & fern (from Jungle valley pack); Garden shrub (gift from August 2012); Mangrove. Forest Floor, Potted scrub maple (sans the pot). Garden World, Bamboo palm & Hosta Corfu lily. XED Design, Banana tree, Rubber plant, Garden aspidistra & Elephant ear. Botanical, Waterlillies & Cattails. Transparent Banshee, Victoria waterlily pads (not for sale). TUFF, Water leaves. TBF, Lily pads. Animania, Grey crowned cranes (consider these as an introduced species since these Central-South African settlers, though marsh visitors, really prefer the savannah; but hey this is SL. I may replace them with more proper birds such as herons later on). Kidd Grass Garden, Reed cattails.

To read the first part of this series, go here. That should also be the place to find the slurls to the apparently missing store slurls in this post. Tomorrow I’ll be presenting the last part, which will properly introduce the woodland previewed in some to today’s shots. So see you in a while.

Nowhere, Jan. 2013

Spacious: Nowhere

If you read my post about 2012 in review, you already know that I recently moved to a different estate and the reasons why I did it. Such action, of course, calls for more landscaping! This time, being a quarter homestead, it means a lot of work too. In terms of  land capacity or prim allowance, it equals my old 4096 sq.m. parcel on a full sim (937), but it offers four times the space to play with. That doesn’t make the job any easier, I tell you; it’s “worst”, but in a good way: more details to think about. Because of that, the time to finish the whole plot also quadruplicated, and so did the number of pictures taken as a result lol. So I’m keeping the words to a minimum (what I would have said, I said already anyway), and go straight to the picks (yeah, the ones you’re going to see are but a handful of the pics I shot). I’m breaking what was going to be a single long post into several short ones as to avoid boring you too much, or making you come back another day. It’s better for the pictures anyway.


In a sense, but without planning, the plot is divided into four sections. The first one is where the house sits in. It’s a normal islet that carries on the name I’ve been giving to my home-lot  since forever. It houses a shed playing the part of home, a greenhouse, a water tower and a windmill; enough to make for a comfortable living in SL. Besides me and a couple of birdies, it also accommodates a banyan tree in the northwest corner.

Parenthesis: If there were a sim available with “nowhere”  as its name I would have tried to make it my home base a long time ago, hehe. Actually, taking a look at the SL map, there’s a grayed-out sim called NoWhere, but is is either inaccessible for some mysterious reason, or it doesn’t exist anymore. The thing is it’s nowhere to be found; no kidding, go and try to TP in. Aside from that, there’s also Nowhere City, an ugly “split-identity” ground-textured homestead of the kind I’ve never seen before (interesting concept, though), and Nowhereville, a normal one, but not Nowhere alone.

[ Items ]  Nature: 3D Trees, Banyan tree. Frog’s Garden, Ivy. XED Design, Bird of Paradise, Cheeseplant & Peace Lily. Tatty Soup, Ronnie cactus. || Architecure: POST, Gnesen Farm Shed. The Domineaux Effect, Fence & Old dock. MMGraffiti’s, Landing pier (modified). lame, Pergola. || Furniture:  Cheeky Pea, Sweetwater Bench. Zinnias, Kiva Spirit Ladder. Happy Mood, Stump table set.

[ Additional items ] Nature: POST, Gnarled birch tree. Organica, Japanese maple bonsai, Suiseki arrangement, Hinoki cypress bonsai, Japanese maple bonsai 2 & Alder bonsai. Cheeky Pea, Sweetwater cactus terrarium. PILOT, Larkin set – Cactus planter. || Architecture: The Domineaux Effect, Weathered Greenhouse. Midnight Melody, Windmill & Water tower. || Furniture: Frog’s Garden, Junk flower stand. Apple Fall, Autumn ladder. PILOT, Larkin set – Hanging chairs.

Inside, the shed is, by definition, a one room structure that is usually used for storage. It’s not a house per se, but since I prefer small low-prim structures rather than large and imposing ones, it is perfect for me. I treat houses as another garden decoration most of the time anyway, with furniture coming as an extra, but since I’ve collected a few nice items over the last few months, which are still waiting to be used, I thought it was a good time to spread them around.

[ Items ] Nature: Terrashop (World of Wood), Small red poinsettia with gold edges. || Furniture: lame, Caroline’s chair – script. Apple Fall, Japanese Scroll No. 1. Cheeky Pea & PILOT, Backyard cinema table. what next, Charlotte Woodburning stove & (part of) Chocolatier drinks tray. Art Dummy!, For winter contemplation. Cheeky Pea, Sweetwater rug, Painter’s armchair & Kaleidoscope dreamcatcher. Zigana, Side table – blue.

[ Additional items ] Nature: After taking this picture I added two more potted plants from XED Design: a Dracaena and a Spider plant; they don’t show up in the picture though, since it was taken before that. || Furniture: Apple Fall, Butterfly art. PILOT, Belted shelf & Magon art collection. The Domineaux Effect, Stack of books. Cheeky Pea, Hemmingway typewriter (no typo on my part, that’s the originally given name) & Tegan’s pallet bed. Zigana, Workbench blue (rare The Arcade Winter gatcha). ionic, Memories collector. LISP, Anna floor lamp. Bazar, Arizona black board. what next, Mayfair trunk – London.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you the wetlands, and the day after tomorrow, the woodland.