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The profiles

This one was up till 31st December of 2008:

Traits of a Second Life:
-> landless;
-> roamer, wanderer, vagrant, hobo, drifter;
-> low-life.
Are we all like that? Where do that leads to? What can be done about that? Is that pushing us to the same doings of the First Life? Is this Second Life bound to impose such fate by design? Why is the First Life setting limits to the Second one?

Pretty deep, huh? (roll eyes). Now I have some land… Well, I have had land for over 9 months now, and never changed that, blame me. Yet, I still think what it says holds true/through. To be a social being requires no more but being here, in SL. To put yourself into something else, you’ll probably need a piece of real estate. The problem is there’s nothing else from where Linden Labs could earn some living to stay afloat. There are some hobo paradises, there are sandboxes and skyboxes for the creators, there are places for the newbies… yet, I think that doesn’t help you to complete your identity. You can compensate by joining a well established and active group for sure, yet, I still need land to feel I’m here. What would SL be if every free account could include a 512 sq.m. parcel of nontransferable land?