(Un)Real estate

There are more sims in private estates than there are in Mainland, but none of those third-party ventures compare to Governor Linden’s possessions when it comes to sailing. That’s why I’ve been trying to find a piece of coastal area in Nautilus, the continent with –apparently– the most sailing activities of all, so I could simply sail to wherever there is maritime action. Yet, it has proven to be an extremely difficult endeavor. Why? Because everything is already taken, and what little becomes available isn’t necessarily a nice parcel. Here are five of the few spots in the market right now.

Plot 1 Sim: Otherwhen
Size: 1536 sq.m.
Price: 200,000L
Worth: 6+ years of rent in my current parcel.
Comments: Fabulous land, isn’t it? Owners of those three heart sims (a rentals service) only have to activate banlines and you’re trapped in that 256×256 square forever.
Plot 2 Sim: Watchman
Size: 512 sq.m.
Price: 200,000L
Worth: 6+ years of rent in my current parcel.
Comments: For the previous parcel price, this is a better choice, with a 512 sq.m. plot with secured access to the sea ad perpetuam. I couldn’t go wrong with this one, could I?
Plot 3 Sim: Inquestor
Size: 1536 sq.m.
Price: 500,000L
Worth: 15.7 years of rent in my current parcel.
Comments: Half a million lindens to keep a piece of land showing up on search, and bots to create artificial traffic. I could buy it, but I better leave it to its current owner.
Plot 4 Sim: Vianemoren
Size: 35,472 sq.m.
Price: 638,496L
Worth: 20+ years of rent in my current parcel.
Comments: Only L$18.0/m2, a real bargain (smaller parcels sells for L$34/m2) only that for such a price, I could buy, new, 2 full sims, a homestead and an openspace region.
Plot 5 Sim: Twice Right
Size: 2048 sq.m.
Price: 750,000L
Worth: 23.5 years of rent in my current parcel.
Comments: Because I’ve always dreamed of living right next to a gigantic ship: the “legendary” MS Pandora.

Note: This table may look quite borked in some browsers. I can’t do anything to fix it right now, it’s the freaking template.

Ice shit

Can someone be so kind and explain to the remaining Lindens what is a phantom prim? While trying to travel by water along the old channels of the Sansara continent, I came across a… hmm… disturbing snow-covered ice sheet blocking the passage over Voss and Zermatt sims. If anyone else does this, it would be called griefing by the masses, but if Brent and Michael Linden are responsible it stays there forever (since 2008 it seems). Not even an icebreaker will dare cross these frozen senselessness. It might have been “funny” for the sake of realism (perhaps?), but it’s actually more of an imprudent obstacle for SL sailing. But anyway… after this ice sheet the channel becomes too narrow to navigate. That may imply the Lindens weren’t thinking about sailing when they created this side of their world.

Marcus Ansia 1

Ansia against the sun

While trying to get my inventory back in order, I found something that I didn’t know I may be interested in till last week: SL sailing. Well, I knew there were people fond of SL seas despite the rough sim crossings and other technical peeves. I even have a few friends that own large vessels (they rarely use them anyway), but that was it. Last Sunday, though, I came across a sexy boat I thought I could try myself, and so it sparkled my new-found longing for the sea.

I always go for waterfront parcels when I’m about to rent a new plot because I’m pretty aquatic by nature, so I don’t know why I never tried sailing before. Now I’m into it, and for the last few days I’ve been exploring SL marinas, mostly along the Blake Sea and the coast of adjacent continents, in search of a nice slip to moor a small craft. Actually, I was looking to buy a humble parcel, even going premium and risking mainland, but hell everything is so expensive around there, that I’m sure it will (most probably) never happen.

Ansia 02

There are plenty of docks all over the grid, but not all of them have public access or offer slips for rent. I even find it curious that two Linden-controlled areas, Bay City and Nautilus City, despite having such prominent marine names, lack a proper harbor (well, they do, but hmm… they’re not that “practical”, you know). That’s pretty stupid, if you ask me, but such is life…

Ansia 03

During my explorations, I came across a fabulous marina that I hoped would offer slips for the common man, but after noticing all boats were mostly of the same maker and model (with some exceptions), I thought it was a yacht rental instead (you can rent land and houses in SL, and there are car, bike and boat rezzers, so why not?). Yet, I didn’t find where to pay for a ride, or how much was the fee. So I asked the owner, Marcus Ansia what was this place about. It turns out this is just his living quarters (the what?). He likes to paint boats (and that’s why there are so many of them) and enjoys a realistic-looking port. And yes, he keeps the area open to the general public. Sailing enthusiasts can even visit the docks to rezz their ships if they wish to or need a place to do so. Anyone can also use the nearby landing strip to set their aircrafts to the skies.

Ansia 04

The Calpe Airfield & Marina, as the place is called, is so close to the Blake Sea, that it would be an ideal starting point if it were public. It is just a few sims north of the popular Tradewind Yacht Club in Dex, for those that know that landmark.

Ansia 05Ansia 06

Although there are no rules to enter the place, use common sense and don’t abuse the owner’s trust so we can keep enjoying such a great corner. The parcel description says: “Privately owned Civilian Airfield & Marina. All Aviators and Mariners are welcome to rez their ‘LIGHT’ Aircraft & ‘SMALL’ Sea Vessels here.” Caps show owner’s emphasis, not mine, so be respectful and keep his words in mind when visiting.

Ansia 07Ansia 08

I couldn’t stop taking pictures, isn’t it obvious? Congratulations to Marcus Ansia for owning such a beautiful and enviable piece of SL paradise.

Ansia 09Ansia 10

To visit the Calpe Airfield & Marina in Balista, follow this slurl.