Sandwich Mini Yard Sale


If you read my previous post (Dispossessed), you know that, if each of us in SL have a part in the general scheme of things (though I think not), mine wasn’t exactly in the virtual real estate arena. It isn’t that, at a personal level, I did terribly bad –I did everything there was to do, except to implement an advertising campaign, but that was intentional. I actually managed to rent a second lot to another friend for a couple of months, and though she recently abandoned it out of inactivity on her part (having too much to do in RL right now), it wasn’t because I failed at the job. There’s not much to do as a landlord anyway, especially when the only thing you have to “worry” about is to run an automated rental system (and there are a few to choose from) to keep everything in check. By the way, that plot is still vacant [click to visit], if anyone is interested.

The next thing I decided to try was to be a shopkeeper.

I’m not that industrious –nor skilled– as to become a content creator, so no: I’m not designing or selling original content of any kind. I’m just reselling my surplus of unwanted or no longer wanted gacha items that have been polluting my inventory for some time.

My “conditional love” to gacha-related affairs ended some time ago when this commercial strategy turned abusive circa last quarter of 2013. Since then I have almost stopped going to those spending orgies (some people insist in calling them events), except when some of my favorite creators decide to participate and come up with nice sets worth dying for (such as those taking part in the promising 6o Republic, starting tomorrow). Yet, even though my “involvement” has come to an (almost) absolute halt, I still have enough tradable goods to fill a warehouse or two. So, instead of renting a table or a booth in one of the many public yard sales, I decided to use another plot I own in Bay City to establish an improvised, and surely temporary, variety store to get rid of everything I can.

Sandwich Mini Yard Sale

For this other enterprise, I’m occupying an area no larger than a 512 sq.m. plot with a double bonus prim allowance, or about 234 LI in all. I’ve been restocking the shelves (and the floor, and the walls, etc.) whenever they look empty, and that’s like two or three times a week sometimes. I’ve been selling the stuff for reasonable prices (usually quite below the original price), but frankly, I never thought I would have to resupply so often. So popular are all things gacha, I guess, that it’s no wonder there are so many resellers grid-wide.

But searching stuff in SL inventory is a burden beyond anyone’s tolerance, so it gives me the creeps every time I have to look for tradable goods to sell. As a result, I’ve been tempted to end this adventure whenever I have to rezz non-copyable items during SL common tantrum states. Yet, by thinking it’s a good way to let other people benefit from things I don’t need anymore, but which are too good to simply throw away, I still persist (for now) in this project. Though these objects are simply representations with not much tangible worth, I still see them as possessing a convincing enough value to refrain from deletion remorselessly.

To visit this little shop, locate the northeastern-most corner of the Sandwich sim in the western part of Bay City. There you’ll find a small warehouse building that goes by the name of Sandwich Mini Yard Sale [click to visit]. Be welcome anytime, but don’t expect to find wondrous items or quite a lot. It’s not the Epic Gacha Market after all.


In June, I’ll be 8 years old. Sounds like a lot of time, right? This is the oldest online community/social network I’ve been intensely involved with so far. Yet, I think my participation in SL, considering all the possibilities of interaction it offers, has been pretty limited. I haven’t had a job in SL, in none of its commercial/business chances; my clubbing time has been restricted to a very few spots (maybe 3 or 4), and believe it or not I’ve never contemplated the chance of partnering or “enlisting” on a sentimental relationship beyond friendship. Yet, this year I decided to experiment with things a lot of other people have successfully tried before to see what would come out of them.

Just a few months ago, in January, I decided to reform my land holdings to lower my monthly spendings in SL. As a result, I ended up with a 2048 sq.m. protected waterfront parcel I wasn’t using but didn’t want to get rid of. I thought I might be able to rent it out for cheap to at least cover the monthly land use fee I have to pay to the Lab. It was all water of great depth and was located next to a busy sailing route, totally perfect for any maritime endeavor. Since I didn’t intend to get rich but to cover the monthly cost, I set the rent cheaper than other surrounding parcels in the area, in the hopes that someone would see the “For Rent” sign from a distant and jump at the opportunity. Beyond that I didn’t try any other advertising, not wanting to turn this into a big commercial venture.

With such characteristics, I thought the plot would attract the attention of many a passerby, but after several weeks, no one showed any interest on it. Only one of my friends asked me a few questions once, but that was it.

At some point –as would be expected– I decided to declare this a failed experiment. Then I decided to ask a professional landlord with interests in that same sim if he wanted to trade the plot in exchange for an –even smaller– parcel in another sim where I have my main home. We agree on the parcel and some cash as a compensation, and soon the lot was gone.

I guess it took him two minutes to get the parcel ready for rent (at a higher price than the one I was giving it out for), and maybe three minutes more to get the parcel rented. It got a huge WTF!!??? from me, and another much, much bigger one when I found out the renter was actually a neighbor that have lived just a parcel away for more than a year, and could well have seen my huge For Rent sign, bright and clear, from her porch everyday since day one.

My guess is people prefer to enrich well-established land lords and ladies instead of doing business with a newcomer in fear a parvenu like me will run with their money and leave them broke and dispossessed. I can understand that perfectly since in the contemporary world –online and off– we don’t think people are honest by default. I may be one of the few that enjoy giving chances to strangers and go for the best deal. But then, this experience shattered and blew away my micro-enterprise nap and sealed the faith of me the lessor forever.

P.S. Sounds tragic, right?, but it was fun.


Mesh body (…snatchers)

I wasn’t going to reply to Strawberry Singh’s most recent meme about avatar stats in SL, but something about other people’s numbers had me thinking. She has run this post for five years now –if I’m not mistaken– to survey how the average avatar shape has changed over time, lately addressing the advent of mesh technology in SL. First it was about how people adjusted their basic avatar shapes to mesh clothing, and now she’s asking again to know how shapes have changed with regards to mesh bodies.

In SL, males of all preferences are the “biggest” minority; I even think there are more furries and petites than there are men. So as per usual, there aren’t many male bodies in SL to choose from (nor of anything else in general). And me, I have to confess I’m not well versed in this field either, because I’m usually better informed about trees and small abodes than I am of men’s fashion trends. Yet, I bought the recent The Mesh Project body, as I thought that, for my regular looks, it was the only non-Mr. Atlas option in the market that could suit me well. It’s far from perfect of course, and it’s still in beta. There’s at least an alternative, but that other one suffers terribly in the butt area (I’m not mentioning the store’s name, since this observation is clearly personal). The rest are the muscular type I’m not even interested in demo-ing.

Of all things in SL, the basic male avie shape has always been in my “worst” list: it’s full of bumpiness everywhere, and the only way to conceal all that grotesquerie has been to push male heights to the seven foot scale, simply because the tallest you go, the smoother the shape turns out. Yet, mesh bodies are changing that reality since they allow for a smooth frame at any size –theoretically. So after reading Berry’s post and people’s comments on Plurk, my question (still) is: Why do male avatars insist on giant sizes?

As is apparent from Berry’s own male counterpart and people’s exchange, tall avies are preferred by most. Basically, it seems, they don’t want to feel short next to their titanic friends. And yes, that perspective dominates everywhere. When I’m out and about, mainly during SL events, it feels like if I had to gaze up all the time to look at people’s faces. That doesn’t bother me at all, though. Knowing I’m the same height as my RL avie at six feet tall makes me feel normal.

So, if in the “old days” it was necessary –almost mandatory– for male avatars to be so tall in order to wear a viable shape, why do we need to keep huge proportions now that mesh bodies have softened all the bumpiness? I mean, if now even the most narcissistic of us can opt to adjust our bodily stats to more natural digits, why are we still suffering from Gulliver’s syndrome? The immediate answer is: Because not everybody uses mesh bodies… yet: they are indisputably optional. Besides, stylistic mesh bodies aren’t something Linden Lab provide as a basis for all residents. They have left that to third party designers. That being the case, there’s another answer to the question: Because mesh bodies are expensive. From the male perspective, with so few options out there, not all of us are in a position to spend 5000L for the top choice available right now. Even if you were a premium member and purposefully cut spendings down to 0L, the weekly allowance will require waiting almost five months to save enough gold to buy it (doable, anyway, but who wants to wait that long?). That lot of money is, for the most part, a luxury only hardcore Slifers are willing to part with.

I’m actually of the opinion that it should/must have been Linden Labs responsibility to deliver a better avatar to SL, but since they resorted to introduce so and so mesh avatars in their starter packs, that somehow tells me they won’t do anything else to change the basic avatar at all. If they didn’t do it in the last 10 years, I think we shouldn’t expect anything else to come in the near future (even less now that they have made public they are working on SL’s next generation).

So basically, male mesh bodies aren’t that common yet, since apparently there is no real demand for them right now, either because we males don’t constitute an important portion of the fashion market –hence, not prone to generate significant profits– and because right now there aren’t enough options to match the thing (especially skins) so as to justify the steep investment. More probably, only the “glamorous” crowd (yours truly being equally guilty) is buying them merely for the aesthetic improvement they represent over the basic SL avatar.

Mesh bodies or not, I don’t see why we have to be seven feet tall if we aren’t role playing hobbits and elves of Middle Earth, or mountain trolls and house elves at Hogwarts regularly. Mesh clothes in general require wearing an alpha layer that mostly –if not entirely– hide the hideous body parts of SL avatars from view… unless you go naked or practically nude depending on the purpose. In any case, as in RL, there’s Photoshop to cover up those blemishes, Hollywood style.

Here are my answers to Monday’s meme.

1. Do you currently own a mesh body? If so, do you wear it all the time or just once in a while? If not, skip to the fourth question.

Yes, I currently own two mesh bodies. One is The Mesh Project’s male body (as I mentioned before), that I use occasionally, taking into account that I’m not frequently down to my underwear –or much less– in public. So far I have only used it for one outfit, worn during February and March, because I thought I needed better hands (not the full body itself). I only change outfits a few times a year, so my fashion demands are ordinary and low, yet I’ve been “at war” with the basic male avatar since forever, so when The Mesh Project introduced their new eye-candy I tried the free version first and shortly after went for the Deluxe package (for the alpha hud, which is a must, from my point of view). I only see myself –mostly– using the hands and feet for special occasions, as in the previous case. My original plan was to wear it all the time as an actual substitute to the SL basic body, but I’ve found not all clothes fit in that well –especially the upper back area, right where the shoulders meet the neck: it tends to protrude through the fabric as old sculpt prims used to do. Under that circumstance, it still needs adjustments, either on the body itself or the alpha mask, before I turn it on permanently. The body is still in beta, so I expect when the full product finally arrives (and I hope it’s soon, though I haven’t received a single update yet), all those shortcomings will disappear. The other mesh body in my inventory is Loki Avatar’s Bigbro. I presume I will wear it even less often than the adult one because I’m not planning a return to boyhood anytime soon. I actually got it out of curiosity (and because it is free), mainly to see how the SL adult avatar adjusts to a child’s frame.

2. What is your preferred mesh body available on the market right now?

As I said before, there are like two (maybe three) mesh bodies targeting the normal male, and of those only The Mesh Project’s beta body appeal to me because it looks less beefy than the other choices. I know there are a few additional options, but they tend to be the muscular type.

3. Have you changed your shape since you started wearing the body?

Yes, I have done some small adjustments to my regular shape so it looked proportionately better. I didn’t mind that: SL basic avatar is so ugly that any change means nothing to me.

4. How do you feel about mesh bodies in general?

As long as they look more natural than SL’s default avatar, I’m up for them. Mesh heads are a big exception right now, though. For me, all people using The Mesh Project’s heads resemble expressionless look-alike clones, and I prefer to be a little bit unique. It’s not that the basic avatar head is any better –add to that the fact that we almost use the same skins anyway–, but at least the SL sliders allow more control of facial features. Mesh heads right now are too rigid and lifeless. And those terrifying eye sockets… No, thank you.

5. What is one thing you would request from designers when it comes to mesh bodies?

Sorry, I can’t ask for just one thing. I’m looking forward to more controls. That will allow wearers to personalize our looks to the “fullest” potential. Also, I would like more coordination between mesh body creators and the whole fashion designer camp (tattoos, clothes, skins, shoes, whatever), so the bodies fit different makers better than they do now. Compatibility is a word I need to bring to the forefront, with emphasis. I would love to be able to buy skins from whatever store I want, and not having to pick from an exclusive and reduced range because I bought this mesh body instead of that one. Ideally, I would have liked to see LL coming up with a better mesh solution, so we wouldn’t have to worry about third party issues, but hell I know that’s asking for too much.