I couldn’t resist adding a few more things to the plot. In the distance, mountains and pines from 2nd Magic. Off-sim, low prim, insta-awesome.

New *alirium*

After some months of not hearing from them, today alirium gardens are reopening their shop and sim with another wonderful landscaping job full or new trees and colors. Even if you’re not buying anything, the sim is worth a visit [take the ride].

Nowhere is elsewhere

I feared I’d fade again to the hobolands, after receiving a note from my landlords telling me I had to move from the sim I was living… in just 3 days. That was all the time I had to enjoy my still fresh landscaping job. But well, I learned (some time ago) to be insistent and do my own inquiries in order to get what I’m after. That is, in a sense, I had to become my own real estate agent, allot the ownership of a parcel of uncertain possession, and convince the true sales agent that corner lot in a forgotten sim needed to be made available and ready to rent… in just one day. Then begin building anew. And the job has been completed. This is Nowhere v2.