Gift wall at KMADD City

I read last night in My Second Life on the D-list of a very nice Endeavor check shirt available as a gift. Being a freebie aficionado myself, I clicked the link expecting it would take me to the Endeavor store, where I was supposed to find the prize. I landed in the main hall of KMADD City instead, the Mecca of SL male fashion. I was like, “hmm this people must have mixed up the link”. So I checked the blog again, clicked the link once more, and landed back in the same spot for the second time. “WTF?” was my first thought, then I guessed that Endeavor could have a shop somewhere around KMADD –after all, it is a big shopping mall. It would be a matter of finding a city map and searching for the store, then tp or fly there. So I looked around and found a board similar to those TP directories I’ve seen in other places. Among the “destinations” was Endeavor, which confirmed my first shot.

Immediately, I clicked the Endeavor square expecting a teleport option would show up, but a microsecond later it became evident this wasn’t a directory, but a wall full of gifts. My reaction was “Jeez! surely a group only thingy, and I’m not a member”, but to my surprise they are for anyone to pick!!! So my advice to you is: Hey, stop reading this blog and head straight to KMADD City and grab everything before they change their minds… (slurl).

Silent Sparrow in dove

Yes, here I come with another fashion post. But it’s not my fault. Go ahead and blame hyasynth Tiramisu. Why? Because today it was her birthday (SL time, yesterday by some mortal standards), and she decided to celebrate the occasion –and the new Silent Sparrow revamp also unveiled today– with the release of a new suit: Ryou. I can’t do anything but to give both jobs a perfect scoring. You will have to go to the store to see how much it changed, but here you have a couple of pics from the suit.

I won’t go by the details this time since it’s a set –except for the hat, my beloved Dr. John, now showing a creamy band, and my practical black Oxfords.

We should say this is  haute couture (though it’s really a prêt à porter) because this outfit is easily among the finest (Photoshop) sewings you can find in all SL. It may even be the best suit Silent Sparrow has released to date, if you ask me.

The suit comes in seven different colors: ash, blood, dusk, rust, wine, azure, and dove (the last one shown in the pictures). All are available separately for 450L, and include both male and female versions in the same package. Each set comes with  jacket (with or without shirt), sculptie cuffs, gloves, a feathery scarf, and tails, plus a winged tattoo if you chose to wear the jacket with no shirt.

Great work Ms. Tiramisu, and happy birthday to you. Silent Sparrow (slurl).

Some red from Sparrow

More amateurish fashion notes from the Attic. First, you’ll have to excuse the excellent choice I made for the shooting (red outfit, reddish background). It wasn’t planned, ok? I was just there, freshly clothed and testing the free modeling poses I pick from Izumiya shortly before that, when it occurred to me I could try another of these posts. Second, I’m not a fashion expert nor a regular fashion blogger, thus something as a photo studio hasn’t crossed my mind… until now. I could have chosen another location (that’s excuse #3), but again, read reason #1 above cause I won’t type it again, thank you.

So there I was, doing what kids shouldn’t do when there’s an empty bed nearby (and adults are not looking), and trying whatever I could find in my inventory. Yes, I didn’t run to a store to get something new for this session. Instead, I tried a hand at one of Silent Sparrow’s nice Gothic/Victorian sets for men (versions for women are also available), but wasn’t entirely satisfied with it. Don’t get me wrong: these sets, as everything else by S.P., is fabulous, but since they aren’t new in my closet, that means I’ve worn them more than once. I wanted something a little bit different without spending a single Linden dollar, so I settled down to mixing two sets together for the sake of my pocket. And here are the results.

The red jacket, cuffs and tails –the basis for this outfit– are part of the Dominion (Blood) suit, while the collar, gloves and pants are from the Sylvan (Ash) one.

And here’s a look from the back. Dominion’s own collar is pretty short, while the Sylvan one is the opposite, but I don’t know, I think both of these sets fits together quite well. I had my doubts about the Sylvan stripped pants with the red tails, but they go better with that collar than Dominion’s own set.

Lastly, one of my favorite hats, Dr. John, came in to complement the ensemble. You can change the color of that red band (just click it), so that’s a very nice extra. Of course, I’m still wearing the black and the red shoes from my previous post, but they are the ones I slip on when nothing else fits in. Maybe a little bit bulky sometimes, yes, but I still use them anyway.

From head to shoes:

Hat: Kari – Dr. John
Suits: Silent Sparrow – Dominion (Blood), and Sylvan (Ash)
Shoes: Shiny Things – Flare Oxfords (Black and Red).


Eyewear: PrimOptic – Rayon
Piercings: right ear, Muism – Ear Piercing Mix #2; left ear, Infernal – Diablerie Hoops; mouth, Primitive Design – Insurrection
Hair: Laqroki – Roulette (Black)