Hunting is part of SL. That’s how we the poor get content. Poor is used here openly; give it any meaning you want, but I’m thinking in unskilled avies with limited ways of creating nice things for the general public… or just the casual roamer… or –hell– the griefer as well. And here is one of those nice chances: the Creators Stamp Rally 2008. About 20 gifted designers come together to offer some nice gifts to those who wish to collect them. Though it’s a free event, and what you get in the end is also free, you must at least buy an item from one of the participating shops to get a card. Then you wear that colorful card, and tp to each of the 20 stores. Each of them has a stamping table, from where you must collect a stamp (one per shop) in order to redeem your gift.

If you want to take the risk, start by visiting the CSR2008 web page at You will find both the shop list and pics of the wonderful presents you can get. I warn you: I had to start at least 5 times since every time I went to collect a stamp I ended up buying something.