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Ouchi-Ya House 6

A parcel that is no more

Today is the last day of my largest parcel (2912 sq.m.); tier will expire in a few hours (maybe even before I finish this post) and the land will revert to its pseudo-owner. From now on I’ll be trying to live in a smaller plot while I wait for a chance to get a decent waterfront parcel with direct access to the open seas in Nautilus… if ever that comes true. Anyway, here are a few shots of the soon-to-be former plot for the “family album”.


The house is #06 from Ouchi-Ya ++HY’s++, a small store and cafe based on Bay City. I’ve been a fan of their buildings for quite some time now since they design small structures with a low prim count. The buildings are mostly prim-based, though they have started to add mesh elements recently. In its original state, this one is basically a one-room, single floor house, but I modified it a little bit, and created four separate rooms to accommodate a living room, dining room, kitchen and full bathroom in the first floor, and a bedroom in an upper level.


I wasn’t going to post these pictures since (1) they don’t include any new garden product, which is the main topic of this blog, (2) I’m hardly a decent interior decorator –not to be so rude with myself and say that I suck big time in that department–, and (3) I’ve been concentrating in other matters as to spend too much time on this subject, yet there are a few products worth pointing out, such as, in the picture above (from left to right):

  • Trompe L’oeil – Pallet chair (brown, with blanket)
  • Dysfunctional Designs – round garden bed with yellow flowers (group freebie)
  • PILOT – Potted plant shelves, Garden tools & Garden supplies
  • MudHoney – Standing pillows
  • Cheeky Pea – Sara picnic basket (spring)
  • Tatty Soup – Lowe rug (plum; Tatty Soup is no more, but you can find this designer’s stuff at her new store, Junk)
  • Alouette – Homemade tent (I think this was a Lazy Sunday release, but it’s on her store at regular price)


And here we have the most “unnatural” thing in SL: a bathroom (unless it’s for cybersex of course), but I love both that toilet and the shower, so why not put them out of my inventory? The toilet in particular, with all that decoration, is just 2 LI, so now you know why it’s a must show.

  • Dutchie – Vintage copper shower, bathrobe (white, modified to look blue-grey), classic medicine cabinet & bathroom mat
  • LAQ Decor ~ Toilet (white)
  • bitter vanilla – Disinfection bowl

Bedroom up

This is how the house interior looks like, with the improvised second level and bedroom.

LISP Summerhouse

And this is part of the”backyard”, with LISP’s Persimmon Summerhouse and Cheeky Pea’s Deconstructed chairs dominating the scene. Other elements:

  • Cheeky Pea – Bowl planter, Deconstructed side table, Ansel wall art frames & Ansel console table
  • MudHoney – Melissa drink tray
  • The Loft – Wagon table (bleached)
  • Culprit – Heirloom rug
  • Trompe L’oeil – Steampunk lamp (gacha)
  • M&M Deco – Calathea #3
  • 22769 ~ [bauwerk] – Fabric lamp (ceiling mounting)
  • what next – Vintage poster (Libraire) & Row of books
  • keke – Summer bottle
  • MonkeyWorks – Potted plant
  • Anaconda S – Pot plant #7
  • LISP – Ygritte reclaimed divider (natural mirror, modded to add transparency effect)
  • Tartessos Arts – Panorama telescope

If I were normal like most people, I would keep this house and plot for a long time. But no, I couldn’t stay in the same plot for more than three months… The hell!

Feteke 01


It’s easier to organize your stuff when the item count is low, so now that my inventory went abruptly down three thousand objects, I’ve taken the time to do some house cleaning. I’ve also got some of the losses back as I explained before, and bought a few new things too. Among them were the following products.

Feteke 02

The first is not one, but actually two Alder tree packs from Organica Specialty Trees that I either missed when they were first released or they were never announced. Alder #3 is a single mesh tree that is 12 LI out of the box, but since it’s quite large, you’d probably downsize it (as I did of course) and save some “prims”. Alder #4, on the other hand, is a 5 LI alder grove that is perfect to fill up any woodsy area. It also makes nice bushes at a mere 1 LI. Both of them come in green (for spring and summer), autumn, and winter, or you could go with a scripted version (also included), so you just click the tree to change the seasons. It’s kind of tricky to distinguish one from the other in these pics, but the single alder is in the “foreground” (almost in the center) of the picture above, while the alder grove is to the right.

Feteke 05

The second addition to my inventory is the Beach House Seagull, from The Black Forest (TBF). I’ve been using TBF’s lily pads for years now, so this store may not be new to the readers. The structure is somewhat charming, and may be used for multiple purposes. Notice it doesn’t have doors or windows, so be careful where you place it: Bad neighbor? Get a dog. Lots of mosquitoes? Buy some insect repellent. To see it inworld, follow this slurl.

Other items

  • Garden of DreamsBellis & Aman flowers (both available in various colors).
  • The Domineaux Effect: Picket fence (I bought this during the Home & Garden Expo 2013, and haven’t seen it since then). p.s. A day after posting this, the fence is now available in the marketplace.
  • World of WoodGarden bench.
  • DECO: Aquarius fountain (in the shadows, near the bench).
  • Studio Skye: Rocky outcrops.
  • Botanical: Sacred Lotus & Cattails.

Feteke 04

Since I didn’t have enough furniture to decorate the house, I just placed a few tables and shelves to pretend there’s something in there, so passersby don’t think it’s an abandoned lot or “under construction”, that’s all. For instance, this table is ILO’s Farmhouse table, and the shelves are the empty version of Second Spaces Messy bookshelf.

Feteke 06

I’m also using ililo’s (a.k.a. ILO) flowey curtains, to protect the central room from prying eyes. This is the only area of the house I’m currently occupying.

Other items

  • cheeky pea: Mainstream couch (you can pick among three different color textures by clicking the couch), Deconstructed coffee tables (I got them from The Home Show) & Ansel wall art frames (with pictures by yours truly, nothing remarkable).
  • Y’s House: Round Chair 02.
  • ZiganaRobot rug.
  • 22769-bauwerk: Fabric lamp (ceiling mounted one; I think I also got it from The Home Show event).

Feteke 11

This green orchid is a dollarbie beauty from Terrashop. Get it from the World of Wood inworld store (see slurl above).

Feteke 12

Finally, this is the normal version of Second Spaces’ Messy bookshelf mentioned before.

Sacred Lotus

Is there a better way to start the day, the week, the month (yes, today’s that significant) but with a new and pretty nice garden product? Well, sure there are a hundredth, but for a SL home & garden enthusiast, this is as good as it gets. Botanical just released a new Sacred Lotus, currently available at the Numberology event. As with Botanical’s water lilies, this lotus are pretty amazing, with the distinctive pinkish flowering and yellowish seed heads. What am I missing in the pack? Maybe groups of leaves without flowers, in case some variety is needed on the pond. Other than that, perfect.

Botanical Sacred Lotus 1

To read more about this release, visit Botanical’s blog post.

2013.06.03 – Update

Kriss Lehmann has added an explanation on how to create variations of the Sacred Lotus pack (follow the link above). With a simple texture modification, you can make transparent certain sections of each group to hide either leaves, flowers or even seed pods. There you have a way to perfection.