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Is it greed, is it lust?

I wish I could understand the mind of privileged Mainland land-lords/ladies. Is it greed what drives  their lust for virtual land, or is there an altruistic end of some sort? Do they believe they’re doing SL and hence its residents a favor when they grab all the good land they come across and then put it up for rent? Do they realize that maybe someone else may want or need or desire the land they hoard for their private business? Can’t they see they’re depriving other individuals the same chance of owning land as they do? If on seeing someone inspecting an available parcel, couldn’t they just ask you, out of courtesy at least, if you’re considering buying that lot instead of clicking and buying, even from far away, as in a rush, robbing you the chance to even get the funds in order to complete the process? Or is it that they don’t think other people buy land, that only they do or have the right to?

Bay City

Since, in a sense, SL is no more than a game (a race for buying land in the case of business-people), are their minds powered by the same psychological (addictive) boost that “gambling” does for gamblers? Do they think SL is all about their class, them against other land barons? Or is it the action of an egotistical impulse that blocks their minds and only allow them to think of themselves? Are their social values different from the rest of us, or is it that SL twists their morals in a way that they can’t see beyond the tip of their noses? Do they believe in friendship or is it only a matter of business to them?

Bay City

Are we tenants worth anything to rental services, or are we just what we are: a disposable wallet that is easy to replace with another one if it happens that we, out of disgust, go away? Is there an escape to that? Are we hopeless? Are we doomed to live under this “business model” if we want to “own” land?

Bay City

Why does Linden Research, Inc. allow virtual land speculation to escalate to the point of having 512/1024 square meter plots selling for hundreds of real life money? Is it even right? Or is it that the Lab thinks all of us have the tools, abilities and skills to make our SL self-sustained? Or is it that they think their world is just for those that are capable of earning their living by such means? If so, why do they sell virtual currency with real life money in an uncontrolled economy base?

Bay City

Ah well… nevermind. Sorry for having such a depressing view of SL in Christmas. Blame me for trying to figure out the way things are not from a –probably– too idealized and hence distorted point of view anyway. When things like this happen they make me wonder why I invest so much time and effort in things that end up troubling me more than they please me. Is it some kind of virtually induced nonsexual masochism? I don’t know… I think it’s me doing things the wrong way for sure.

In the pics, some of the things I’ve put in a rented parcel in Bay City that may not survive the coming of the New Year.


Everything else:

  • bbqq – Humble Abode
  • Zigana – Ladder; Chime (neutral); Holiday spirit ornaments (Arcade Dec. 2013)
  • Lark – Winter Bunting
  • Myrrine – Christmas wall deco without planks
  • Dysfunctional Designs – Holiday Tree
  • Alouette – Toy Soldiers, Ho Ho Ho Decoration (Arcade Dec. 2013)
  • Vespertine – Nutcracker, Starbead curtain (Arcade Dec. 2013); Reading armchair (gatcha)
  • Trompe L’Oeil – Bird On A Stick (Arcade Dec. 2013)
  • Tia – Watercan Twig Deco, Winter Phrase Hanger, Let It Snow Blocks (gatcha)
  • Casa del Shai – Papaya Crate 2 (upside down)
  • we’re closed – old ladder with poses (group gift)
  • ILO – Milk Can; Garden set
  • floorplan – Three apple crates; Sleigh bed (rustic); Midsummer retreat
  • Botanical – Hanging Capiz Lamps
  • Cheeky Pea – Autumn Fly To the Sky Bench
  • lame – Woodruff Sofa (color modded)
  • What Next – Pine tree wall decal; Pallet log box (sans logs)
  • Pilot – Christmas Village – Sign [North Pole], Springfield (gatcha); Water Hose
  • Apple Fall – His Sideboard, Jute Natural Rug (gatcha)
  • TBF – Telefunken Animated Television
  • Honey Apple (aka MudHoney) – Curtains (cream)
  • Seven Emporium – Hanging bulb (triple)
  • Art Dummy! – Wintertide (chairs and sofa)
  • Warm Animations – Table with plant
  • Culprit – Victorian gazebo (Neva)

Minuscule Spring

Every year –it seems– I tend to skip a season in my landscaping duties, but it has never been Spring… until now. I can’t help it though. All I managed to complete was about a quarter of the parcel, and since it’s getting late for the sakura to bloom (the Japanese cherry blossom front could be reaching Hokkaido before I have enough time to finish my planting), I decided to head for the Summer instead. New in the scene: Happy Mood‘s Sweet Grass #06 (available in various colors).

The woodland

Spacious: The woodland

First it was the islet. Then, it was the swamp and the marsh. Today it is the woodland. I think it’s been quite a long time since I last built a plot as diverse as this one. It might have been two years ago or so because that was the last time I owned so much land. Back then it was 12k sq.m. in a full sim, which translates to a lot more in terms of land capacity: 2811 vs 957. Oh, the glory days! If interested, check posts Next to Nowhere, Backyard, One third, and AAPPAA Style,  from January to May 2011, depicting what was then a longish plot divided into three different sections. I really enjoyed it this time, especially when the three zones integrate more naturally as well.

As I said in the first installment, it took me almost two weeks to finish as a whole, but it was worth the effort, methinks. For this last section, I thought about a light coniferous forest, with a small stream running through the tall trees and a comfy little cabin somewhere along the riverbank. I already had all the required elements waiting in my inventory, so I only needed a chance like this to complete the project.

The woodand

I have had these coniferous beauties for some time now, and only a few of them has shown up in posts before. I also wanted to use Mudhoney’s ultra-low prim cottage (shown in the pictures below) since its release last November, but didn’t had the proper landscape to set it in. Now I think this woodland setting, the fourth and last area in the parcel, suits it pretty well.

{ Items } Nature: 3D Trees, Coniferous forest – spruce; Coniferous forest II; Fern dark; Rocks & Common heather (from Natural Rockery); Blackberry bramble; Forest fern spleenwort, plant, fern carpet & roots (from Forest accessories 2); Jungle fallen ivy & branch (from Jungle valley pack). Organica, River erosion, Rock walls & stepping stones. Happy Mood, Sweet garden grass. || Architecture: Mudhoney, Holiday cabin. || Furniture: Sway’s, Asian relaxation set.

As the red shed, the cabin is a one-room structure that may have welcomed some rustic furniture, being in the countryside as it is. But well, I don’t have those right now, so I’m using the following items in their stead.

{ Items } Nature: XED Ddesign, Rubber plant (sounds like Robert Plant, isn’t it?). Terrashop, Small white poinsettia. || Furniture: Cheeky Pea, OmNom chair, Georgie bed. PILOT, Larkin set – Display case. DIGS, Arthur pictures – scattered. ililo, Ind. lamp (in red). Zigana, Lazy Sunday chair (manly man & buttercup). lame, Sarah’s loveseat.

Once again, check previous posts (Nowhere and The wetlands) for store slurls that may not be included in this one. This is a series, so there must be something integrating all of them (winks). And that’s all, folks.