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Plane pot

Taro on a plane

A quick post: If you hurry up, you can still get these two nice terrarium pots (below) for 50L at Kalopsia. They were released last Friday as part of the Fifty Linden Friday weekly event. Luckily they’re still available at that price tag, but they may not be so cheap for too long. They are really nice and 3LI each.


Then, you should head to Convair and get th little Pursuit Plane Pedal Car (the heading image at the top) that was released this weekend as part of the new The Dreaming Tree weekly event. It’s not a vehicle and it’s not a prop with poses either; it’s just a decorative item, but may serve different purposes. I’ve decided to use it as a pot for Botanical’s recently released Blooming Taro set, that you can get at the Summerfest 2014 event. The taro set should be available until mid July (and later at Botanical store), but after tonight, the rusty plane may go up in price. So again, head to the store right now before it’s too late.

.lame - Clara's Pallet Bed

On a side note, I also like the way lame‘s Clara’s Pallet Bed ended up looking after some quick modding. The pallet is obviously gone, and the mattress was placed over junk’s blues rug just to add some extra color to the scene.