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Open letter to my dear neighbor

My dear neighbor,

How are you doing? I hope everything’s ok.

Back in the old days, it was a common, but stupid, practice to build a huge wall around your property to pretend you had some privacy. But since day one it’s just been an illusion that was as pointless back then as it is today. So for me it’s simply incomprehensible when this week you decided to erect that wall to isolate, I’m not sure if yourself from the rest of us, or the rest of us from you (there’s a subtle difference between both statements, I hope you can figure it out). I would understand your action if anything of what we built around your place were kind of fugly; that would justify the shunning. But I don’t think this is the case. I can tell you, I’m pretty picky, and from my point of view it is your property the one needing some remodeling; the rest of us have done quite a nice job on our plots, really. Actually, your house is quite pretty, but frankly your yard –those walls included– need some redesign work. Look around, and you’ll agree the rest of the neighborhood looks good… Well, I admit that plywood building to the north needs demolishing, and that rental service… alas, it’s been there from day one. If those are your fears then your wall is facing the wrong side.

My guess is you’re just trying to force us out by demoralizing us with that behemoth. Maybe that’s why your previous neighbors left not long ago. I’ve just been here for a month; the others may have moved in a month and a half earlier, so we’re all new. We’re not as bad as, it seems, you think we are (or you wouldn’t have rezzed that big wall just now). These plots were up for sale and we paid for the right to be in them. I’m sorry that you don’t agree with that. Actually, the plots could have been yours: If you didn’t want anybody near you, why did you waste the opportunity to acquire these parcels when they became available 2-3 months ago? Don’t answer me, just think about it.

It’s quite difficult to find a nice plot in Linden’s mainland, and thrice as hard if you’re looking for one suitable for sailors, as all of us are. So let me tell you that, right now, I prize this protected waterfront parcel as much as you value your privacy (if that’s what’s up with you). But you know what? Your wall doesn’t scare me as much as your egoism does. Besides, at least me, of the five neighbors your fiend is adversely affecting, I’m quite used to be around old city walls as big as those in RL. I think I’d just hang some ivy on my side to compliment the view and leave the rest to time.

Best wishes,



New Plot

Corsica… It’s not Nautilus

It seems to me that we, mere residents of SL, don’t fare that well when it comes to owning land directly from the Lab. That’s particularly true if you’re a mainland latecomer (or newcomer, depending on personal’s perspective) interested in a sliver of coast, either for the creamy sands and plastic palm trees that trademark a prefab tropical paradise, or for the depths of the continuous sea and the challenges of the kraken-like sim borders. SL sailors looking for an ideal place, with mixed land and water with secured access to the sea –a perfect solution for anyone belonging to that group– fare the worst because there aren’t enough areas classified as protected waterfronts, bordering all-water regions belonging to the Linden Department of Public Works, that the members of the sailing community could settle in and be able to keep their favorite boats permanently rezzed and ready to go whenever a chance calls for it. That’s actually the best and probably the only guarantee that your sacred getaway won’t be accidentally blocked by a nice and caring neighbor, the sort of which loves to hide behind bulky walls that fake a privacy that doesn’t derive from such abominations (disabling the “Avatars on other parcels can see and chat with avatars on this parcel” –under the Options tab in About Land– offers a better solution, fyi), or feel the need to raise ban lines to control some local pest.

The real issue, though, is not the shortage of supply; it’s actually a matter of time. Huh? Yes: the time you have to notice a parcel has become available before one of those individuals or group of individuals –that takes exulting pleasure in monitoring the grid in search of every plot they can either exploit or sell for four times the price they pay for them– takes that chance away from you. Because they live for that, you know. And you, instead, have to go away all day to earn your living, and come back 14 hours after the map has graphically updated only to find the spoils of the day’s land exchange. By that time anything interesting has already been sold, and what is left is probably not worth what the seller is asking for.

Plane and boat house

I guess there’s no way to beat the real estate agents on that race because I’ve been unsuccessful in finding a plot that my limited economy could afford around Nautilus for three long months now. I’m beginning to think I will never have that chance (yes, I’m kind of pessimistic sometimes). Hence, I have had no other choice but to exile myself farther off the northern Nautilus reaches, in Corsica, where estate hunters become dehydrated like tiny maggots under a full midday sun. It’s either that, or they aren’t interested in that less romantic of continents. And that’s good, because it allows for parcels to become available for a fraction of Nautilus’ average prices, albeit only occasionally.

Here are a few shots of what I have managed to do on a recently acquired parcel lot in southern Corsica. The place has no name yet, but I will eventually come up with something, for sure (suggestions accepted too). It may be too cramped, I know. I’m still working on it.

LoonettaDock houseHumble dwelling

Little I know of Corsica, I admit. I don’t even know if there’s a yacht club somewhere up there. Somehow it doesn’t have the appeal or the abundant waterways of Nautilus, but at least my plot is “within reach” of the Blake Sea. I still have to time how long it takes to get there, but it’s doable on a reasonable time frame. As long as there is an open way between the two continents, I may be comfortable there. Or it will also give me more time to find a resting place in Nautilus (as I hope) in the not so distant future.