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Feteke 01


It’s easier to organize your stuff when the item count is low, so now that my inventory went abruptly down three thousand objects, I’ve taken the time to do some house cleaning. I’ve also got some of the losses back as I explained before, and bought a few new things too. Among them were the following products.

Feteke 02

The first is not one, but actually two Alder tree packs from Organica Specialty Trees that I either missed when they were first released or they were never announced. Alder #3 is a single mesh tree that is 12 LI out of the box, but since it’s quite large, you’d probably downsize it (as I did of course) and save some “prims”. Alder #4, on the other hand, is a 5 LI alder grove that is perfect to fill up any woodsy area. It also makes nice bushes at a mere 1 LI. Both of them come in green (for spring and summer), autumn, and winter, or you could go with a scripted version (also included), so you just click the tree to change the seasons. It’s kind of tricky to distinguish one from the other in these pics, but the single alder is in the “foreground” (almost in the center) of the picture above, while the alder grove is to the right.

Feteke 05

The second addition to my inventory is the Beach House Seagull, from The Black Forest (TBF). I’ve been using TBF’s lily pads for years now, so this store may not be new to the readers. The structure is somewhat charming, and may be used for multiple purposes. Notice it doesn’t have doors or windows, so be careful where you place it: Bad neighbor? Get a dog. Lots of mosquitoes? Buy some insect repellent. To see it inworld, follow this slurl.

Other items

  • Garden of DreamsBellis & Aman flowers (both available in various colors).
  • The Domineaux Effect: Picket fence (I bought this during the Home & Garden Expo 2013, and haven’t seen it since then). p.s. A day after posting this, the fence is now available in the marketplace.
  • World of WoodGarden bench.
  • DECO: Aquarius fountain (in the shadows, near the bench).
  • Studio Skye: Rocky outcrops.
  • Botanical: Sacred Lotus & Cattails.

Feteke 04

Since I didn’t have enough furniture to decorate the house, I just placed a few tables and shelves to pretend there’s something in there, so passersby don’t think it’s an abandoned lot or “under construction”, that’s all. For instance, this table is ILO’s Farmhouse table, and the shelves are the empty version of Second Spaces Messy bookshelf.

Feteke 06

I’m also using ililo’s (a.k.a. ILO) flowey curtains, to protect the central room from prying eyes. This is the only area of the house I’m currently occupying.

Other items

  • cheeky pea: Mainstream couch (you can pick among three different color textures by clicking the couch), Deconstructed coffee tables (I got them from The Home Show) & Ansel wall art frames (with pictures by yours truly, nothing remarkable).
  • Y’s House: Round Chair 02.
  • ZiganaRobot rug.
  • 22769-bauwerk: Fabric lamp (ceiling mounted one; I think I also got it from The Home Show event).

Feteke 11

This green orchid is a dollarbie beauty from Terrashop. Get it from the World of Wood inworld store (see slurl above).

Feteke 12

Finally, this is the normal version of Second Spaces’ Messy bookshelf mentioned before.

Nowhere, Jan. 2013

Spacious: Nowhere

If you read my post about 2012 in review, you already know that I recently moved to a different estate and the reasons why I did it. Such action, of course, calls for more landscaping! This time, being a quarter homestead, it means a lot of work too. In terms of  land capacity or prim allowance, it equals my old 4096 sq.m. parcel on a full sim (937), but it offers four times the space to play with. That doesn’t make the job any easier, I tell you; it’s “worst”, but in a good way: more details to think about. Because of that, the time to finish the whole plot also quadruplicated, and so did the number of pictures taken as a result lol. So I’m keeping the words to a minimum (what I would have said, I said already anyway), and go straight to the picks (yeah, the ones you’re going to see are but a handful of the pics I shot). I’m breaking what was going to be a single long post into several short ones as to avoid boring you too much, or making you come back another day. It’s better for the pictures anyway.


In a sense, but without planning, the plot is divided into four sections. The first one is where the house sits in. It’s a normal islet that carries on the name I’ve been giving to my home-lot  since forever. It houses a shed playing the part of home, a greenhouse, a water tower and a windmill; enough to make for a comfortable living in SL. Besides me and a couple of birdies, it also accommodates a banyan tree in the northwest corner.

Parenthesis: If there were a sim available with “nowhere”  as its name I would have tried to make it my home base a long time ago, hehe. Actually, taking a look at the SL map, there’s a grayed-out sim called NoWhere, but is is either inaccessible for some mysterious reason, or it doesn’t exist anymore. The thing is it’s nowhere to be found; no kidding, go and try to TP in. Aside from that, there’s also Nowhere City, an ugly “split-identity” ground-textured homestead of the kind I’ve never seen before (interesting concept, though), and Nowhereville, a normal one, but not Nowhere alone.

[ Items ]  Nature: 3D Trees, Banyan tree. Frog’s Garden, Ivy. XED Design, Bird of Paradise, Cheeseplant & Peace Lily. Tatty Soup, Ronnie cactus. || Architecure: POST, Gnesen Farm Shed. The Domineaux Effect, Fence & Old dock. MMGraffiti’s, Landing pier (modified). lame, Pergola. || Furniture:  Cheeky Pea, Sweetwater Bench. Zinnias, Kiva Spirit Ladder. Happy Mood, Stump table set.

[ Additional items ] Nature: POST, Gnarled birch tree. Organica, Japanese maple bonsai, Suiseki arrangement, Hinoki cypress bonsai, Japanese maple bonsai 2 & Alder bonsai. Cheeky Pea, Sweetwater cactus terrarium. PILOT, Larkin set – Cactus planter. || Architecture: The Domineaux Effect, Weathered Greenhouse. Midnight Melody, Windmill & Water tower. || Furniture: Frog’s Garden, Junk flower stand. Apple Fall, Autumn ladder. PILOT, Larkin set – Hanging chairs.

Inside, the shed is, by definition, a one room structure that is usually used for storage. It’s not a house per se, but since I prefer small low-prim structures rather than large and imposing ones, it is perfect for me. I treat houses as another garden decoration most of the time anyway, with furniture coming as an extra, but since I’ve collected a few nice items over the last few months, which are still waiting to be used, I thought it was a good time to spread them around.

[ Items ] Nature: Terrashop (World of Wood), Small red poinsettia with gold edges. || Furniture: lame, Caroline’s chair – script. Apple Fall, Japanese Scroll No. 1. Cheeky Pea & PILOT, Backyard cinema table. what next, Charlotte Woodburning stove & (part of) Chocolatier drinks tray. Art Dummy!, For winter contemplation. Cheeky Pea, Sweetwater rug, Painter’s armchair & Kaleidoscope dreamcatcher. Zigana, Side table – blue.

[ Additional items ] Nature: After taking this picture I added two more potted plants from XED Design: a Dracaena and a Spider plant; they don’t show up in the picture though, since it was taken before that. || Furniture: Apple Fall, Butterfly art. PILOT, Belted shelf & Magon art collection. The Domineaux Effect, Stack of books. Cheeky Pea, Hemmingway typewriter (no typo on my part, that’s the originally given name) & Tegan’s pallet bed. Zigana, Workbench blue (rare The Arcade Winter gatcha). ionic, Memories collector. LISP, Anna floor lamp. Bazar, Arizona black board. what next, Mayfair trunk – London.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you the wetlands, and the day after tomorrow, the woodland.

The Country Barn


The Country Bard

If I were to live in the countryside, on a farming sim in Second Life, to breed virtual pets (as there seems to be many), and those pets were to be –mainly– horses, I would go with a barn as my primary building, and then add maybe a cottage as a dwelling. Or I could pick this excellent two-in-one Country Barn from The Domineaux Effect, and believe I’m in heaven. It not only provides four spacious stable lots for your breedables, but also a luxurious attic in the upper level, where you can set yourself comfortable enough with such an elegance that you will forget that there must be some imaginary horsey-stinky shit downstairs (I’m immersive, so I imagine more than I should). And it’s only 56 prims!!! (the barn and all, not the shit).

The Country Barn Stables

The Country Barn: The attic

The Country Barn: Roof and ceiling

The Old Orchard Cottage

If instead I want to keep my ” human prestige”  intact and not deal with the horses –or if I can put my mind on thinking about the lots and lots of other possible and unwelcome barn  inhabitants, I  could opt for a more “normal” way of live and set into this pretty Old Orchard Cottage. It’s a house yes, nothing that exciting like a barn, but it’s freaking pretty too.

The Old Orchard Cottage: Front

The Old Orchard Cottage: Room interior

The Old Orchard Cottage: Living room

The Old Orchard Cottage: Chimney

I’d go with the barn anyway. I find that “attic” pretty amazing. Both are available at The Domineaux Effect inworld (or the marketplace) for your buying pleasure.