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One third


While some folks spent the last couple of days saturating their bodies with sugar (and who knows what else), I decided it was time to do some more landscaping (as if I were known to do anything else). Well, I only managed to finish exactly one third of the plot, and it took me two days in a row. Hell, not 48 hours of course… but almost. It was intentional; I subdivided the parcel in two, 1/3 for the vegetation you see in these pictures, and the rest 2/3 for something I’m still figuring out exactly what it will be.

Benches under the sakuraSakura cherry trees

The main culprits for the change this time are the cherry blossom trees from Forest Floor, the willow trees from 19Motorcycle (strange name for a garden shop, you may think, but trees aren’t their specialty), and the coming of spring to the northern hemisphere, even though I stopped changing according to the seasons in SL. Little things like those are usually the sparks for new scenery, and I have to tell you: the plot is (kind of) “shrinking” because there’s so much I would like to keep now (sighs). The rest of the garden stuff you have seen in previous posts.

Waterfall in Elsewhere

I’ll post more about Nowhere and Co. (now each part of the land has its own name) when the rest of the plot is ready. Visitors are welcome, as usual; just IM me if you catch me online.

The cranes from Animania

P.S. Aren’t those cranes cute? They’re from Animania if you’re interested in adding some ” life” to your SL environment. Lastly, I forgot to mentioned these new cattails are from Kidd Grass Garden. They come in several sizes and include natural swampy sounds (with volume control so you don’t get mad at the poor frogs and crickets).