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The woodland

Spacious: The woodland

First it was the islet. Then, it was the swamp and the marsh. Today it is the woodland. I think it’s been quite a long time since I last built a plot as diverse as this one. It might have been two years ago or so because that was the last time I owned so much land. Back then it was 12k sq.m. in a full sim, which translates to a lot more in terms of land capacity: 2811 vs 957. Oh, the glory days! If interested, check posts Next to Nowhere, Backyard, One third, and AAPPAA Style,  from January to May 2011, depicting what was then a longish plot divided into three different sections. I really enjoyed it this time, especially when the three zones integrate more naturally as well.

As I said in the first installment, it took me almost two weeks to finish as a whole, but it was worth the effort, methinks. For this last section, I thought about a light coniferous forest, with a small stream running through the tall trees and a comfy little cabin somewhere along the riverbank. I already had all the required elements waiting in my inventory, so I only needed a chance like this to complete the project.

The woodand

I have had these coniferous beauties for some time now, and only a few of them has shown up in posts before. I also wanted to use Mudhoney’s ultra-low prim cottage (shown in the pictures below) since its release last November, but didn’t had the proper landscape to set it in. Now I think this woodland setting, the fourth and last area in the parcel, suits it pretty well.

{ Items } Nature: 3D Trees, Coniferous forest – spruce; Coniferous forest II; Fern dark; Rocks & Common heather (from Natural Rockery); Blackberry bramble; Forest fern spleenwort, plant, fern carpet & roots (from Forest accessories 2); Jungle fallen ivy & branch (from Jungle valley pack). Organica, River erosion, Rock walls & stepping stones. Happy Mood, Sweet garden grass. || Architecture: Mudhoney, Holiday cabin. || Furniture: Sway’s, Asian relaxation set.

As the red shed, the cabin is a one-room structure that may have welcomed some rustic furniture, being in the countryside as it is. But well, I don’t have those right now, so I’m using the following items in their stead.

{ Items } Nature: XED Ddesign, Rubber plant (sounds like Robert Plant, isn’t it?). Terrashop, Small white poinsettia. || Furniture: Cheeky Pea, OmNom chair, Georgie bed. PILOT, Larkin set – Display case. DIGS, Arthur pictures – scattered. ililo, Ind. lamp (in red). Zigana, Lazy Sunday chair (manly man & buttercup). lame, Sarah’s loveseat.

Once again, check previous posts (Nowhere and The wetlands) for store slurls that may not be included in this one. This is a series, so there must be something integrating all of them (winks). And that’s all, folks.